It has never been more urgent to address environmental sustainability and the accelerating climate crisis and to act.

We are committed to the conservation and protection of the environment. Taking responsibility means for us to aim at establishing and maintaining environmentally friendly production practices.
Our measures taken are evaluated and adjusted regularly. We hope that by reducing the impact of our business activity, we can contribute to improving and preserving the environment.
Our measures follow the guidelines established by Green the Bid, Green Shooting, the AdGreen initiative, the Green Production Guide and BAFTA’s albert.
We integrate the following sustainable best practices to reduce the waste and carbon footprint from all our activities and productions.

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At our production offices

We’ve been working on establishing a digital production office by using as many digital tools as possible. This way, our team can work more efficiently and from wherever they are. And, digital workflows avoid unnecessary paper use, and online meetings reduce the need to commute or travel.
We have an “only print if necessary” policy to avoid paper waste.
100% of the paper used in our printers comes from recycled processes.
Use of renewable energy at our Berlin office as well as conscious and reduced electrical consumption (e.g., lights off, equipment off at the end of the day)
A local organic supermarket supplies our office with organic vegetarian food and cleaning products.
We mostly cook lunch in our office kitchen to avoid take-away waste.

On set

Our sustainability objectives are communicated to cast and crew via sustainability memos/through call sheets. 
Paperless sets: Script, call sheets, crew lists, and any information distributed to cast, and crew are digital to the greatest possible extent. 
Waste separation for better recycling.
We prefer grid power or rechargeable batteries over generators.
Our catering is mainly with seasonal and regional products; leftover food is donated (if any).
We avoid single-use plastic bottles, cutlery, or dishes on set. We ask our crew to use reusable bottles and provided water dispensers. 
If possible, materials for set builds are to be used multiple times, if new materials need to be used, we encourage using recycled and eco-friendly materials.

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Travel & Transportation

Cast and crew travel can often not be avoided, but several measures can also be taken here: We try to avoid air travel as much as possible – especially if the corresponding train ride does not take longer than 5 hours. We also try to arrange for our cast and crew to travel together in as few cars/taxis as possible.
For overnight stays, we favour hotels with recognized environmental measures.
We usually try to rent as few production vehicles as possible and if available, we prefer vehicles with zero emissions.
By providing a bike subscription or monthly public transport ticket, our team is encouraged to use one of these environmentally friendly means of transport.
We try to use services (couriers, food delivery, etc.) committed to sustainable mobility.

Our sustainable measures come at no extra cost. To find out how additional requirements can impact your budget, please let us know during the bidding process.

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